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Browser Defender

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PC Tools


All operating systems supported by Firefox 3.0+



Type Site advisor
License Freeware

Browser Defender is a utility developed by PC Tools which protects the computer by providing informative assessment of websites and the possible dangers they pose, thereby allowing the user to make better informed choices when browsing the Internet.

A green, red or yellow rating let the user know immediately if, in ThreatExpert's opinion, the website is safe to visit, harmful or needs to be visited with caution. If the website is not amongst the crawled domains, then a grey rating will be shown.

Other features[]

Site report lists any malware, which Browser Defender has found.

ThreatExpert determines its opinion on web annoyances for a given site such as browser exploits, spam, cookies, pupups and redirections.

Using a keyword evaluation, ThreatExpert forms an opinion on certain content categories prevalent in websites. When any such category is identified, it is listed in the site report. Content categories found on a site, include:adult, dialer, gambling, hacking and violence.

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