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TheFallenOneGOTH TheFallenOneGOTH 20 January 2014

Helixsoft Update 1: I'll help!

The is a great wiki! But it's not great enough. I promise to make one of the largest Wiki communities on Wikia. I vow to improve this wiki, design it, and make it function properly in any way possible. It's already big enough, but this wiki needs more content. As part of my project to make the web and the world a better place, I will do the following:

  • Upload a favicon to
  • Create useful templates
  • Upload a logo
  • Make fully compatible with the Monobook layout

You guys and gals need some help, and I will give you some. However, keep in mind that I have other wikis to tend to (both sponsored and wikis that I created), and I will also take 1 to 5 day wikibreaks, depending on the situation and school schedule (I will be less active on weekdays than o…

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