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Avast! 4.8

Developed by

ALWIL Software

Latest Release

4.8.1335 / February 5, 2009


Windows 95 and later, Windows x64, Linux, Mac, Palm OS, Windows Server Edition

Type Antivirus
License Proprietary (freeware and commercial)
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Avast! antivirus is an antivirus program developed by ALWIL Software based in Prague, Czech Republic. It was first released in 1988. Avast! was one of the first on-access antivirus programs to be released for Windows x64 edition. Avast! 4 Home is a popular full-featured freeware antivirus applications available to Microsoft Windows and Linux users. As of October 2008 the free Home Edition has had over 37 million downloads on[1] As of December 2008 Avast! (Home version) has had 70 million registered users.[2]

Avast! is aimed at preventing infection by several types of computer threats, including those that are not technically computer viruses such as spyware and even rogue software. Avast! also can recover malware-damaged files through its Virus Recovery Database. (VRDB)


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